Cheeser — a living cheese

“Cheeser” — an all-natural cheese snacks for young audience, for those who care about their health and diet, and also love to have fun and to share new cool things with their friends.
 A living cheese means that it is not just natural, but also literally — alive! A powerful creative platform is built around “Cheesers”, a set of cheese characters. Each new taste is a new character. So, this is a real “cheese life” with its stories and communications.
Client: New Foods
Research, product development, strategy and positioning, concept, brand identity, design of packaging, POSM and print.

Cheeser_Visualization_Tomat_finalCheeser_Visualization_Wasabi_finalCheeser_Visualization_Chicken_final Cheeser_Visualization_Devochka_web Cheeser_Visualization_Mexico_final Cheeser_Visualization_71gramm Cheeser_Visualization_All_5_girl_center_new_web