is a global news company established in 2014. Its mission is to provide an alternative perspective on major events, discoveries and achievements, and acquaint an international audience with an entirely new viewpoint. It focuses on people and their lifestyle, culture, nature, science, and sports. is a key to understand the enigmatic country named Russia.

Creative concept, slogans, logo, corporate identity and website design.
Strategy & project management: BEYOND — Romy Gakh-Baram
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(designed by Rocklin)


We know how to tell about Russia, that’s why we find a new angle of view, and it helps to see the country in a new way, and to discover its many layers — from the periphery and up to the core.

So, the idea of opening multiple layers becomes the main motif in the logo.



The color system represents the national colors of Russia — red, blue and white — in many of their tints, from cold (as snow) to warm (as Russian heartiness).




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