Delicate Material

Delicate Material is an ecological startup producing handmade soap, cosmetics and accessories which are distributed all over the world. The company is also a successful evangelist of nature-friendly lifestyle and conducts classes on various topics at the junction of ecology, creativity and small business.
Delicate Material is nature itself. Natural ingredients and handwork — everything in harmony. Therefore, the primary metaphor of the brand is in the elements of nature: Air, Water, Earth,  Fire, and Ether — a delicate material which fills the world . These five elements communicate with us through invisible, ephemeral channels — through our sensations.
Client: Delicate Material.
Creative concept, logo, brand identity, illustration, packaging guidelines.
Photo by Masha & Alika Razner.
The Mood of Delicate Material (shots from the original workshop and its surroundings)
The Concept of Five Elements



The logo symbolizes harmony of the five elements, the endless cycle of nature. It contains everything: aroma, color, light, mood, temper, tenderness, touch, sacrament, feeling, cleanness and bliss…

Visual Language
Implementation on Products and Packaging